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Commercial Interiors

DesignWise, Inc. offers a range of commercial services including interior design, procurement, and project management. We have the relationships and resources needed to provide you with furnishings for a wide variety of commercial spaces that will satisfy any price range. Whether you are looking to update your office space, library, healthcare facility or cafeteria, we are sure to accommodate your every design need. Our professional team consists of knowledgeable, friendly, innovative individuals who will help you to create a beautiful, functional space within your budget.

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Restaurant Interiors

Whether your restaurant is attached or freestanding, franchise or independent, we have the ability to make it stand out. We understand the importance of creating an environment that is appealing, functional, profitable, and targets your particular clientele.

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Hotel Interiors

DesignWise has been in the industry for over eighteen years.  This experience has given us the knowledge and relationships needed to create beautiful custom interior designs for hotels that encompass your desires and meet the most extensive franchise specifications, all within your budget.

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